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Fitness, A La Carte and Tailor-Made

Combine Lian Price’s expertise in fitness and nutrition with her detailed and personalized approach, and you have the perfect formula set for achieving health and fitness goals and maintaining them for life. As the owner of WorkGrindFly™, Lian has been helping clients accomplish this for the last seven years.

The mantra of WorkGrindFly™ may be described as doing more with less. Well aware of the busy schedules and the stressors of life, Lian’s goal is to create workout and nutrition programs that are tailored to each individual’s specific needs, and then make them fit seamlessly into their day-to-day lives. Her a la carte style of personal training allows clients to pick and choose from a menu of offerings, such as one-on-one private training, small group and “buddy” training, in-home healthy food prep classes, monthly full body diagnostics, kitchen clean outs, fat furnace bootcamps, as well as other, customized options. Through this design, Lian and her clients construct a fitness program that will fit each individual schedule, goal and budget. “Many people do not want to stand in their kitchen for hours to make a healthy meal, or spend hours on the elliptical machine to lose weight. There is a faster, healthier and simpler way,” Lian explained.

WGF1The a la carte model of WorkGrindFly™ has also been shown to improve more than just health. Client testimonies speak about being better parents, partners, and colleagues as a result of their fitter selves. Lian has worked with people from many walks of life – doctors, lawyers, brides, moms, athletes, nurses, servers – and all have met their goals, despite time constraints and life circumstances.

“Of course, having fun while getting fit is important too, and armed with proper knowledge, drive and compassion, that is exactly what we do,” Lian added. For Lian, the true joy of her work comes from the small but vital successes she sees each day. Those small steps add up over the months and the victories become evident. “I am so proud of and honored and humbled by the healthful journeys and success of my incredible clients,” Lian acknowledged.


WorkGrindFly™ The Fitness Standard At-A-Glance

WGF_LogoOwner: Lian Price
Manager: Lian Price
Years in Position: 3.5 years (Previous company name in New Jersey: Fitness Fusion, LLC.)
Year of Establishment: 2011
Address: P.O. Box 880712 San Diego, CA 92168
Email Contact:
Phone: 888-651-2711
Description of Business: Certified in-home personal training and group training (bootcamp style and format), certified nutrition consultation, and online fitness and nutrition coaching.