photos by Tyler McElhaney and Toby Ogden

Rising Swell of Confidence

The exclamation Outside! is surfers’ lingo for a large advancing wave. It means get ready. Peg Windisch, founder of We Are Coaches, Inc., is inspired by what’s “outside” and how well families feel they are prepared for the ocean and various other aspects of life.

We are Coaches, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that offers recreation-oriented and family team building programs for children and families in North County with a common thread of empowerment, healthy relationships, and healthy lifestyles.

“Children are so authentic and live in the moment,” said Peg Windisch, Teacher, who raised her own two daughters as a single mother. Now married, she continues to pursue her passions for nature and nurturing, helping others achieve fulfillment.

“The core values in our programs are to empower our students to maintain healthy relationships and lifestyles, express creativity, and to develop self-reliance while having fun,” she explained. We Are Coaches tailors its programs to meet specific needs of North County’s children through after-school art programs, swim lessons, ocean camps, individual and family surf lessons, other customized programs, and family relationship coaching and seminars.














“Our coaches and teachers don’t focus on competition. There are lots of ways to be a winner – being a good friend, doing one’s personal best, and being an awesome team player,” explained Peg. During the school year, We Are Coaches provide after school enrichment and break camps from Carmel Valley to Carlsbad, in public and private schools.

During summer break the beach environment beckons. Aqua-Adventures Ocean Strong Camps resume at Del Mar’s 15th Street Beach this summer. Through surfing, bodyboarding, stand-up paddling, games and safety lessons, the coaches support students in gaining competency in the ocean and on land. With a low student to child ratio, camps include the Sandpiper Camp for ocean newbies, the Beach and Surf Camp for beginner to advanced ocean-goers, and the Young Waterman for older kids with more ocean experience. They also offer Ocean Art Camp and the newest program, Ocean and Beach Fitness Camp.

“We have a special place in our hearts for single-parent families,” added Windisch. She knows firsthand how overwhelming it can be to meet all the needs and desires in a single parent home. When it comes to affordability of summer camps, she assures parents that there are scholarships available for families in need.

Windisch invites children to get outside this summer while feeling safe becoming strong in a team environment. On the shores of Del Mar, waves of joy will wash over participants who are building confidence and life skills simultaneously.

We Are Coaches, Inc. At-A-Glance

WeAreCoaches_LogoName of Nonprofit: We Are Coaches, Inc.
Founder: Peg Windisch
Year of Establishment: 1999
Phone: 760-436-1514
Description of Organization: We Are Coaches, Inc.’s mission is to empower North County children and families to develop skills relating to the ocean and water safety, art, and family team-building.