Carmel Valley author and autism speaker, Chantal Sicile-Kira, has had a lifetime of experience helping with and teaching living skills for severely developmentally disabled and autistic adolescents. As a case manager for the Orange County Regional Center for Developmentally Disabled, Chantal provided information and resources to families. These work experiences would soon prove invaluable, when her son Jeremy was born and diagnosed with autism. Living in Paris, France, at the time, where the only treatment on offer was psychoanalysis, Chantal’s struggle to find appropriate treatment for her son led them to move to England and eventually to the United States.

Chantal used her expertise and experience to write six books, and her award-winning book, “Autism Spectrum Disorders” (Penguin, 2004) has been re-written with updated material as the field of autism study grows. Jeremy, now a Torrey Pines High School alum and speaker for autism, has been writing editorials and appearing on television, presenting his life perspective with autism. Learn more about Chantal’s story at