Dating shows have become all the rage on television, but here in 92130, a local production company has created a unique perspective on the genre: a San Diego-based, San Diego-filmed show with real San Diego residents. It’s called “The Romance”, coming to a television near you in February on Channel 4.

In addition to casting local contestants, men and women on “The Romance” won’t fly to Bora Bora or Tahiti on second dates or live in a mansion, they will not all look like young models or get a marriage proposal by the end of the final episode.

“Real life is trying to find that special someone and date while you’re doing the normal things that people do every day,” said creator, executive producer and Carmel Valley resident Ken Gora, who heads Branded Entertainment. “It seems very unreal that cameras are following you everywhere in a mansion and you’re going on these dream dates and you’re laying by the swimming pool every day. Gee, I could fall in love with a grizzly bear in those circumstances.”

“The Romance” will run for six episodes, following six men and sixteen women on a variety of dates. The dating contestants aren’t alone either. They will be getting feedback from a group of three judges including Kimberly Seltzer, a therapist and dating coach, and Elle France, a Rancho Santa Fe matchmaker. Ken Gora, with his doctorate in psychology and a background in counseling, recruitment and a book on relationships, also serves as a judge and host.

The television series will also feature many local San Diego businesses, including some right here in Carmel Valley. Beauty Bundles, Del Mar Floral, Mia Francesca, Searsucker, and Snooze, among others, will be making appearances.