Emily and Carolyna Fowler have grown up in Carmel Valley in a family with a strong tradition of giving back. One of the girls’ godfather, Eric Jones, is a chairman of the Builders Industry Association (BIA) Cares Holiday Bike Drive and over the years, BIA has provided bikes to more than 6,750 children and to seventy-five different charities in San Diego. For Carolyna’s school toy drive at Solana Highlands Elementary School, her class had been asked to sponsor a family who was in need. Through the Solana Highlands Care and Share Program, each student was assigned to a specific family member to sponsor. Carolyna took a page from the girls’ godfather Eric, and decided she wanted to donate a bicycle for a sponsor family with children, along with helmets and other gifts. As sisters do, Emily decided to donate a bike for the family as well.

The toy drive donated to children living in south east San Diego, Bario Logan, and Logan Heights. The sponsored children attend school at Cesar Chavez, Hamilton, Baker and Perkins Schools. Catryn Fowler, mother of the two girls, said, “Solana Pacific Elementary School’s goal was to ensure that each of these children received at least one present for Christmas, and the student’s generous donation may be the only gift that these children received during the holiday season. Many of these children live in shelters, in cars or are even homeless.” The Fowler sisters plan to continue their donation efforts in the future, motivated by their mother Catryn, Eric Jones, and the children that they help.