photos by Tyler McElhaney 

Carmel Valley Pharmacy:
Friendly Convenience with Personalized Service

Most of us have waited forever to see a doctor, and then been forced to wait even longer for our prescriptions. Although there are no shortages of big-box, chain-store pharmacies, their usual delays with getting prescriptions filled make us long for a magical place where a friendly, knowledgeable pharmacist can quickly fill our orders; or better yet, have them delivered directly to our homes. Lo and behold,
Carmel Valley Pharmacy, owned by Tarek El-Ansary,
is the answer to our prayers.

Having recently opened in December of 2013, Carmel Valley Pharmacy was borne out of the neighborhood’s need for friendly convenience. Carmel Valley resident Tarek explained, “I’ve heard many neighbors express their extreme frustration when dealing with the chain pharmacies in the area. They would compare it to going to the DMV – ‘a necessary but negative experience.’ When they found out I owned and ran a pharmacy in East County, they wished I would open a pharmacy here. This community clearly understands that small businesses give much more personalized service than the chain stores.”

CVP_1Thanks to Carmel Valley Pharmacy’s warm and peaceful environment, customers are instantly put at ease. In addition, they are shocked at how fast their prescriptions are ready, not to mention the one-on-one helpfulness. Tarek emphasized, “We know that your time is priceless and we focus on getting your prescription done in less than ten minutes. We also understand that patients have probably spent much of their day waiting to see their doctor and might not feel their best. With that level of empathy, we approach each patient with a very high level of compassion. Overall we know that our success is in providing a level of customer service that far exceeds our competition.”

        “We know that your time is priceless and we focus on getting your prescription done in less than ten minutes.” 

The pharmacy service includes offering specialized “compounded” medications, which are necessary when a medication’s strength, dosage form or ingredient is no longer available by the drug manufacturers. Tarek said, “We can compound the medication to the exact specification of your doctor; that also includes veterinary medicine for pets.” Carmel Valley Pharmacy also provides a same-day home delivery service, and accepts all major insurance plans.

Tarek concluded, “I am very eager to learn the needs of the community, whether it be specific herbal medications, immunizations, sport injury rehab or prevention, or gift/boutique items.” So the next time you need your prescription filled, visit this wonderful new pharmacy, and enjoy the courteous-and-quick attention you’ll receive.


At a Glance

CVP_LogoName of Business: Carmel Valley Pharmacy
Owner: Tarek El-Ansary, Pharm.D.
Years in Position: 15 years as pharmacist

Date Opened: Dec. 30, 2013
Address: 12750 Carmel Country Rd. Suite A101,
San Diego, CA 92130
Email contact:
Phone: 858-481-4990
Description of Business: An independent pharmacy owned by a Carmel Valley family. Focused to make your experience with them personal and pleasant along with getting your prescription done in under ten minutes.