Carmel Valley Eighth Grader Megan Spector Volunteers Her Time to Find a Cure for ALS

Many readers have heard of Lou Gehrig’s disease, but they may not know what it means. Amyotropic lateral lclerosis (ALS), is a devastating progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, with the degeneration of motor neurons which reach from the brain to the spinal cord and all the muscles throughout the body, leading to the eventual death of those neurons. This can lead to paralysis and sometimes death.

Megan Spector didn’t know much about ALS either, until her Aunt Marjie was diagnosed. But once she learned, she undertook a plan to do anything she could to find a cure. An eleven year resident of Carmel Valley, thirteen year old Megan is on a mission. She started by organizing a concert to benefit the ALS Association of San Diego, which was attended by over 400 people and raised over $35,000.00 to help find a cure for her aunt and others with ALS!

It doesn’t end there. Megan and her family participated in the ALS Association of San Diego walk on Oct. 20, where Megan felt honored to sing the National Anthem to lead off the walk. Nov. 21 brought the ALS Basketball Classic: University of San Diego vs. San Diego Christian in the Jenny Craig Pavilion – the first inaugural Find a Cure game.

And of course, if Megan could grant one wish to her community and the world at large, finding a cure for ALS would be it. When asked if the ALS Association needs volunteers, her response was, “Totally! Anyone can volunteer to help the organization. Ask for Tom Courtney, the chapter’s executive director-he is really helpful to those with ALS and their families.”

Megan is a typical thirteen-year-old in many ways. She enjoys playing the piano and competing at soccer, going to the Del Mar Highlands and watching her number one TV show, Pretty Little Liars. Spending time with her family and extended family, along with her golden doodle Winston, are high on her list of favorite things to do. But she’s also one of our favorite humanitarians, with helping to find a cure for ALS at the top of the list.

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Name: Megan Brooke Spector
Age: 13
Community: Carmel Valley
School: Carmel Valley Middle School, 8th grade
Family: Mom – Sheri, Dad – Steven, Brother – Cole
Pet: A humongous Golden Doodle named Winston
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, acting, piano, soccer

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Name of Group: ALS Association of San Diego
Mission: The ALS Association, Greater San Diego Chapter is dedicated to families affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS and also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease) through patient support, advocacy efforts, public awareness and education while enabling research for a cure and improving quality of life.