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The Dennis Family Quickly Took to
Torrey Hills

Two and a half years in Torrey Hills may not be a long time, but it’s long enough for the Dennis family to know they love 92130. Harry and Courtney Dennis focused on their three children when they chose the Carmel Valley community. “We moved to Carmel Valley for the amazing schools and lots of kids! It’s so great to have the same interests with other parents who share the same goals about education,” Harry explained.
Harry, a graduate of University of Maryland, has worked as a lender for the last fifteen years, lending to those looking to buy or refinance a home. Courtney, a San Diego State alumni, is a stay-at-home mom for Hope, 7, Harrison, 5, and Hudson, 1, and volunteers at Ocean Air Elementary.
A sense of community and a safe neighborhood were important to the Dennis family when they chose to settle in Torrey Hills. “We wanted to live where our kids could ride their bikes up and down the street,” Harry acknowledged. The family takes full advantage of the convenient location and youth activities. Hope cheerleads for Torrey Pines Pop Warner, Harrison plays Carmel Valley t-ball, and Hudson loves to swim.
[pullquote align=”left”] “We wanted to live where our kids could ride their bikes up and down the street.” [/pullquote]Living in Torrey Hills means they are never far from a long list of local activities. The family enjoys going to the racetrack in the summer, golfing and swimming at The Grand Del Mar, going out for Mexican food and spending time with friends. Outside of Carmel Valley, they travel often to visit family in Orange County. “We are never apart for birthdays and holidays,” Harry stated. Destinations also include Disneyland and the occasional parent get-away to Las Vegas. “We rarely stay at home!” said Harry.
In and out of San Diego, the Dennis family is always on the go. With so many activities and Carmel Valley’s proximity to all of them, the Dennis family takes full advantage of 92130.

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Parents: Harry and Courtney Dennis
Community: Torrey Hills in Carmel Valley since 2011
Occupation: Harry – Lender; Courtney – Stay-at-home-mom
Children: Hope (7), Harrison (5), Hudson (1)