A “better for you” dessert

Makes: 20-25 balls
Total Time: 40 minutes (Hands-on time, 10 minutes)

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Autumn_SiennaChef’s Name: Autumn Bonner
Age: 29
Family Members: Our little family of three is made up of myself, my husband Nick, and our daughter Sienna.
Community of Residence: We just moved up to Sorrento Valley and we are loving our canyon view.
Hobbies/ Interests: Anything fitness, painting crazy nail art on my toes, and soaking up the San Diego sunshine.
Favorite Local Activity: Watching my husband surf, while playing in the sand with my daughter at 11th Street in Del Mar
About the Recipe: This time of the year is full of holiday parties. It’s nice to have a recipe like this to bring that tastes delicious, but is also a healthier dessert option. You can enjoy a few of these and still fit into that little black dress for New Years!
About the Chef: I am one of the many “zonies” who has decided to trade the Arizona heat for the beach. When I’m not playing with my sweet baby girl, you’ll find me sharing my passion for fitness and exercise through my company Tailored Fitness (www.mytailoredfitness.com). I love inspiring women to make exercise a part of their lives so they can set a positive example for their families. If you’d like to try out more of my healthy recipes, you can follow me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mytailoredfitness) or Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/tailoredfitness).