How do multiple emergency agencies respond to a major disaster and what lessons can be learned for the County of San Diego?

Those were the questions Supervisor Dave Roberts brought to Sonora County this weekend during a goodwill trip to an evacuation center, where the Roberts volunteered in the kitchen, met with elected officials and firefighters and visited the front lines of the largest wildfire in California history.

“While experiencing this, I really gained a wealth of knowledge,” Roberts said Tuesday.

Roberts travelled to Sonora with Jamie Edmonds, Past President of the San Diego County Council of Firefighters.

During the two-day stay, the Supervisor witnessed the collaboration and coordination among emergency responders and nonprofit groups.  He saw how emergency centers are equipped and staffed. He saw how unmanned aerial vehicles are used to track fire movements and learned the important role of fire safe councils.

“I now have a laundry list of ideas to improve fire protection for our residents,” Roberts said.