Name of Chef: Lynn Chyi (A Top 15 Finalist on MasterChef)

Age: 27

Community of Residence: Sorrento Valley, 92121

Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, photography, eating out and visiting local breweries and tasting rooms.

About the Recipe: One of my favorite kitchen tools is the pressure cooker. Today’s modern pressure cookers aren’t like the ones you remember from your childhood. They don’t have the massive hiss and rattling and scary “about to explode” feeling. Buy an inexpensive cut of meat like the country-style pork rib and braise it in a pressure cooker to turn it into something magical. It’s also done in one-third of the time. Naturally, it absorbs whatever braising liquid you put in there so why not use a nice, local IPA for that?

lynnphotos3About the Chef: I am a local systems developer in Carmel Valley and food photographer who loves to cook, eat and read all things food. I mainly cook for my fiancée and my friends. There’s nothing better than spending time with folks over a “build your own carnitas taco/burrito” night with fresh salsa and good local San Diego beer. I love the 92130 community. The people are super nice, there are friendly dogs everywhere and I get to shoot The Sam Livecast ( out of Sam the Cooking Guy’s studio/home here.