Carmel Valley Resident Amanda Chin Puts Her Skills to Good Use

by kathy loy | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

The saying goes something like this…you have your fingers in too many pies. If that’s so for Carmel Valley’s Amanda Chin, it must be a pecan pie. People who know her may be surprised to learn that her native state is Texas. “I lived in Lubbock, TX until I went to college at Rice. When I arrived in California after college, I spoke with a proper West Texas twang. But now, it has been years since someone guessed I grew up in Texas – unless they ask about my favorite pie. I still say ‘pecan’ like a Texan,” explained Amanda.

Since moving from the Bay Area to San Diego in 2002, Amanda has been very busy – most recently at her daughter’s school, Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) as a member of their foundation. “We developed an effective campaign to encourage contributions to CCA’s outstanding Envision day classes in the performing and visual arts,” said Amanda. “I also worked with foundation volunteers on this year’s Shoot for the Stars gala, one of our most successful events of the past few years.” Amanda has noticed that volunteering isn’t only about giving of yourself and your time. “I’ve made many great friends through volunteering,” she said.

ZG-5962Besides her work with the foundation, Amanda also lends a hand with Dollars for Scholars, Grad Nite and Science Olympiad programs. “Since I am involved in several parent organizations at the school, I have a number of viewpoints to share with the board,” she said. “Also, few of the board members have technical backgrounds, so I am able to contribute skills in those areas.”

Amanda and her husband Bryan both come from musical families. “We enjoy music with our kids,” described Amanda. “We are also a family of readers, and I always have a book or two in progress.” Their son, Derek, is a sophomore at UC Berkeley, and daughter Tracy is starting her junior year at CCA. Amanda likes living in Carmel Valley because “it’s an easy place to meet people” and enjoys spending evenings at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar with friends. It seems that for Amanda Chin, life in Carmel Valley is as sweet as pecan pie.

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Name:  Amanda Chin
Age:  50
Community:  Carmel Valley
Volunteer Affiliation:  Canyon Crest Academy Foundation, Canyon Crest Dollars for Scholars, Canyon Crest Grad Nite committee
Family:  Bryan Chin (husband); Derek (son, UC Berkeley sophomore), Tracy (daughter, CCA junior)