by AMY LEHRER | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

The Katz love story began shortly after Jason and Nikki finished college. Having earned their degrees – Jason (BS in finance), Nikki (BS in aerospace engineering) – it was time to launch their careers and create a family. Jason became a branch manager for Bank of Commerce Mortgage and the fundraising chair for the Miramar Semper Fi Rotary Club, which supports local marines, sailors and their dependents. Nikki, a freelance editor, writer and social media consultant, became the managing editor for And now that she has completed a young adult novel, she’s moved forward with seeking an agent.

With their growing family in mind, Jason and Nikki moved to Lexington in Carmel Valley. Nikki disclosed, “We moved into the Sage Canyon Elementary School boundaries in 2008 mostly for the school.” Nikki has been on the Sage Canyon Elementary School PTA board for the last five years and is currently the PTA president. In addition, she is the cheer equipment manager for the Torrey Pines Pop Warner organization. Jason supports his children by participating in Indian Princesses with his daughters and Adventure Guides with his son.

[pullquote align=”left”] “We moved into the Sage Canyon Elementary School boundaries in 2008 mostly for the school.” – Nikki Katz  [/pullquote]

The Katz children are heavily involved with arts and athletics. Katelyn, who takes dance and singing lessons, participates in youth theaters including the San Diego Junior Theater, ACT San Diego and was most recently cast in the San Diego Musical Theater’s Sound of Music as Brigitta. Kendall, who enjoys dance and gymnastics, completed her third year of cheerleading with Torrey Pines Pop Warner. Nikki revealed, “This year her team exhibited in Orlando and won first place for its division at JAMZ Nationals in Las Vegas.” Lincoln takes piano lessons, plays soccer and was Toto in ACT San Diego’s The Wizard of Oz.

In their free time, the Katz family spends time together. The tech savvy children download and master the latest apps, compete against each other on Xbox LIVE or build Minecraft houses simultaneously on the iPad, laptop and phone. About once a month the children put on a play or fashion show complete with props and costumes. They visit Swirls and Seaside Yogurt frequently and love the Cinépolis movie experience. In addition, they recently acquired passports for a trip to Mexico. And no matter how difficult it is to get everyone home at one time, they make time to eat dinner together. Nikki explained, “It’s our time to talk about our day and connect as a family.”

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Parents: Jason Katz (37), Nikki Katz (38)Family_katz2
Community: Lexington since 2008
Parents Hometown: Jason – Bayside; NY Nikki – Traverse City, MI
Parents Occupation: Jason – Branch Manager, Bank of Commerce Mortgage; Nikki – Managing Editor:
Children: Katelyn (11), 5th Grade;Kendall (9), 4th Grade;Lincoln (6), Kindergarten. All at Sage Canyon Elementary