According to Alvin Liang, president of the Canyon Crest Academy (CCA) Composition Club, CCA is the first school in the United States to offer digital composition, recording arts and digital audio performance programs to its students. “Composition Club started as a few students who really enjoyed their time in digital composition and realized the potential of taking passionate people and working together,” explained Alvin. Currently, there are 12 members in the Composition Club and the group is open to welcoming new members who love music and are interested in composing.

As stated by Alvin, the vision of the Composition Club is to create an environment for people to submit their music, peer review each other’s works and collaborate to make the best music they can. The Composition Club meets every Friday during CCA’s lunch period in the audio technology lab and also has group composing sessions at members’ homes. These sessions often last four to five hours and according to Alvin, are filled with collaboration and great music. As president, Alvin organizes the collaboration sessions, group projects and events and manages the club’s social networking sites (Facebook, YouTube, etc.). “Aside from those duties, I’m just another guy in the club composing music and having fun,” stated Alvin.

The Composition Club recently organized a concert called CCAchella, a play on the popular music festival Coachella. In addition to performances by various artists, the concert also served as the debut of the Composition Club’s first album entitled The First Byte. “All of our events are presented under the name E.A.T. Records, which stands for Envision Audio Technology. Every one of our individual members is signed to E.A.T. Records. As far as the album goes, many of the works on the album were composed individually, but some were collaborations, remixes and mash-ups,” revealed Alvin. The club hopes that through events like CCAchella, they can promote their album to the school and the community.

When looking to the future, Alvin is optimistic that the Composition Club and E.A.T. Records will continue to provide an avenue for students to express their passion for music, composing and audio technology. “We’re going to continue with our projects from this year, but make them bigger and better. We also might introduce a few new projects and events,” related Alvin.

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