by AMY LEHRER | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

After having lived in Florida for twenty-seven years, Julie Limerick moved within walking distance of Torrey Pines High School when her daughter made the decision to attend UCSD as a Visual Arts, Digital Media Film major and requested they move to California together. Julie explained, “I spent a year researching, preparing, and applying to over 1,000 high schools from here to Santa Barbara. It was my good fortune to end up at Torrey Pines.” She’s appreciated the supportive attitude of the administration and Foundation whenever she’s requested sharing student artwork with the school or community. The faculty at Torrey Pines, meanwhile, probably feels the fortune is all theirs. Julie teaches visual arts, specifically Sculpture, Draw/Design, and AP 2-D and 3-D. In addition, she is the VPA department co-chair and the faculty sponsor for the National Art Honor Society.

Because the visual arts need to be viewed to be enjoyed, Julie reaches out to local businesses. She’s found that many are willing to exhibit work for a week or even a month. In addition, many are also willing to hold receptions and help publicize the events. Over Thanksgiving week, Julie collaborated with Brenda at the Del Mar Highlands new décor and gift shop, Let’s Go Home, to hold a reception and exhibit advanced placement 3-D sculptures. During the month of December, student artwork was displayed on the walls of Dr. Bayrak’s Chiropractic Clinic. Additionally, the Del Mar Art Center hosted an art show for a select group of students being chosen for an art scholarship. Julie revealed, “I think one of the most rewarding things for me as a long time visual arts teacher is seeking out these exhibit opportunities so that my students can share the accomplishments of which they are most proud.” Not surprisingly, many of her students study art in college and eventually become professional artists.

On her own time, Julie loves to read, attend art museum and gallery openings, spend time with her daughter and friends, travel, practice yoga, and power walk along the beautiful tree lined paths of Torrey Pines. She’s been a jewelry artist since the mid-1970s with skills ranging from stone setting to originally designed goldsmith fabrications. And for the last several years, she’s been a visiting visual arts examiner for the International Baccalaureate Organization, which has given her the opportunity to meet many talented artists who amaze and inspire her.

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Name: Julie Limerick
Age: 61
Community: Del Mar Highlands near TPHS since 2009
Profession: Art Educator
Education: University of South Dakota graduate, completed graduate work at Massachusetts College of Art and Stanford University
Family: Rebecca Limerick, 21