Carmel Valley Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics is a child-focused practice, with a warm, friendly and professional atmosphere.  “Dr. Grant and I opened the office in 2006 when we recognized the community needed a more comprehensive approach to children’s dental care.  We welcomed Dr. Lee to the team in early 2012, and she has been a wonderful addition,” said Dr. Pham.   The office offers Board Certified Specialists in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, a distinction that requires two to three years additional training after dental school.
According to Dr. Pham, having two specialties at the same location offers parents more convenience and flexibility when scheduling their appointments.  “We can also provide a higher level of comprehensive dental care, coordinating dental health needs with the growth of the jaws and bones,” explained Dr. Pham.   The office embraces technology because it makes the patient experience more comfortable and less evasive.  They use child-size x-rays and child-friendly instruments and equipment, as well as provide headsets at each dental chair and flat-mounted TVs for children to enjoy during their visit.
Drs.  Pham, Lee and Grant are dedicated to educating their patients and their parents in preventative oral health care and to educating themselves on the latest technologies and equipment.   “We only want what is best for our patients, and we really believe it shows.  We work hard to ensure the comfort of our patients and strive to create a friendly environment that will have children wanting to come back,” related Dr. Pham.

Meet the Team

Dr. Angela Lee, DMD
Dr. Lee is originally from Southern California and is excited to be back in the area after completing her certifications on the East Coast.  “The best feeling for me as a dentist is helping a child gain confidence at their appointment so that they look forward to coming back,” stated Dr. Lee.



Dr. Chris Pham, DDS
Dr. Pham comes from a family of dentists, all of whom practice in Northern California.  “I have a big family and have always loved working with kids.  I enjoy watching the kids grow up and watching their smiles mature,” said Dr. Pham.



Dr. Richard Grant, DDS MS
“I love making people smile.  I remember the day I got my braces off.  I want every patient to have that same glow,” declared Dr. Grant.  While he focuses his practice on children, he also treats adult patients who want to improve their smile.