Individuals, couples, families, and organizations come to 505 Living, a life advisement practice, for numerous reasons. Some need help clarifying a career choice, assistance transitioning emotionally from one life path to another, parenting solutions, couples compatibility assessment, or assistance re-vitalizing relationships. Others need help identifying innate potential, life management strategies for maintaining optimum personal performance, or tactics for sustainable team building and talent management. Haleh Gianni is a certified Y.C.G. practitioner and trainer specializing in an online human assessment instrument called the ULT®, the Ultimate Life Tool®, accredited by the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, the International Coach Federation, and the Board of Registered Nursing.

Gianni’s clients take the online ULT® Assessment and receive a 7-9 page report that she then provides interpretation and practical implementation of the results. Her sessions and trainings are conducted in various formats, such as one on one, couples, families and organizational teams. Her clients gain understanding of how they connect, communicate, get motivated, process information, gain energy, lose energy, perceive life, and react to individual differences. One client, Sarah Bremer, raved, “The information I have learned through Haleh and the use of the ULT® technology has had a tremendous impact on my life. My friendships and relationships have become more balanced and fulfilling.” And Vasi Huntalas, another client, exclaimed, “The information and advice [Haleh] provides is always right on target and immediately useful.” Gianni’s method of coaching provides answers to questions such as why do I do things the way I do, how do I save my rocky relationship, how do I handle challenges at work, and how can I be a better parent or spouse, offering a much greater success in life, love and business.

The concept and name for 505 Living derived from Haleh Gianni’s response to personal transition: divorce, relocation, career change and single parenthood. She has committed herself to helping others navigate through life with ease. She has a Master’s Degree in Management and a Life Coaching and Training Certification from the Y.O.U. Institute. “According to Dr. David Hawkins’ research on the level of frequency of human consciousness, level 500 is when we operate with unconditional love, a non-ego state focused on serving humankind. Striving to operate at this level of consciousness, empowering others to do the same, and living in unit 505 at the time inspired me to call my passion 505 Living,” explained Gianni.

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