Every year, the DMCV Sharks host an intra-league tournament for their recreational players that takes place over the course of one weekend toward the end of their fall season. The tournament was created to give their recreational players the opportunity to play in a competitive event where finalists and champions are determined. Fast paced games, excitement and energy were all a part of the tournament experience, but most importantly players were provided with an atmosphere that encouraged sportsmanship and having fun. Titanium, Yellow Stingers, Red Bulls, Black Attack, Blue Lightning and all others who participated! Many thanks to all the dedicated coaches: Mark Watkins, Jeff Little, Rick Sanborn, Steve Timmons, Steve Leonard, Britney Ewing,Rob Jenkins, Kevin Christie, Mike Nelson, Richard Milner, Paul Ang, J.C. Duncan, Grant Berman, Rob Anfuso, Stephen Gaut.

A great season was had by all!