Name of Chef: Victor Manoushakian, Owner of Highlands Jewelers
Age: 57
Family Members: Wife Jeannette, Sons Peter and Shaunt, Daughter Julia
Community of Residence: Carmel Valley for 21 years
Hobbies/Interests: Creating unique jewelry, ethnic dancing, backgammon
Favorite Local Activity: Going to the beach, barbecuing kebobs at home, visiting the local library, and going to TPHS games – specifically football, basketball, and water polo, to name a few.
About the Recipe: I chose the hummus because it is one of our ethnic staple appetizers. Also, my family will not eat any type of kebob without hummus on the table. As my son says, “it’s not a kebob without Dad’s hummus.” It completes the meal. Whenever we go to a potluck, I am asked to make and bring the hummus because, as they say, I make the best.
About the Chef: I am a family man. I enjoy doing activities that involve the family as often as possible. I am on the Planning Board and do what I can to improve this community for the future of our families.