Great things happen when talent, motivation and a desire to help others intersect. Carmel Valley resident, musician and squash aficionado, Sacha Adam, dedicates his time, talent and energy to Access Youth Academy which benefits San Diego’s underprivileged youth.

Sacha has been involved in music nearly all his life, playing in jazz bands throughout high school and college. “I worked at a boutique recording studio in England, where bands like Love and Rockets would do some recording, and got some experience as a sound engineer and as a session guitarist,” explained Sacha. He was also writing music but wouldn’t release any because he felt it wasn’t good enough. One of his musical heroes, jazz musician John Scofield, helped change his mind, and indirectly changed the lives of many San Diego youths. “I wouldn’t release anything because I wanted it to be perfect. [John] listened to my album and encouraged me to put out as much content as possible – he said that people only remember the good stuff,” said Sacha.

Sacha released his aptly named urban funk album “Perfection is the Enemy of Progress” to raise funds and awareness for Access Youth Academy (formerly Surf City Squash). As a board member and staunch supporter of the program, he is committed to helping these students have access to programs and colleges they otherwise might not. “It’s not enough to be motivated; we get where we are in life through who we know, what we know, and people who help us along the way,” explained Sacha. “When you’re in a disadvantaged environment, resources are harder to come by so the playing field is highly inequitable; AYA seeks to level the playing field and open up opportunities to kids of all income levels.”

The entire Adam family lead very full lives. Daughters Amelia and Audrey take horseback riding, soccer, piano and Chinese language lessons, while wife Sandi, a marketing strategist, also writes a food blog. They know that exposure to opportunities at a young age widens your perspective on the world and helps to set larger life goals. “I’ve watched the kids [at Access Youth Academy] really blossom in this program, and thought, ‘More kids should get this opportunity’,” explained Sacha. Follow Sacha on Facebook for upcoming show dates. Proceeds from album sales are donated to the Academy, so come see a show and help Sacha make more kids’ dreams a reality.