Since opening in early 2010, the success of Amazing New Me’s proprietary All-Natural weight loss programs have been sweeping across North County. With hundreds of successful clients locally and thousands nationally, the buzz is catching on. Within 8 months of opening in Rancho Bernardo, they grew from a single office suite to a multiple office suite. They will be expanding again to a larger nearby location in November. “We will continue to grow as our clients continue to succeed and tell their family and friends about us. We have plans this year to open locations in Temecula and Chula Vista,” says Rick Micheri, who himself started out as a client back in Las Vegas.

After allowing his weight to climb to over 310 lbs. – causing a decline in his health – the father of two young daughters knew something had to change…and fast. So he tried the same methods himself, dropping more than 70 lbs. on this program (see photos below, left).

I’ve been on this program for two weeks and already I’ve lost 10.5 inches and reduced my BMI by over 1 point. I feel great and I’m not hungry.  The pounds are slipping away.  Best weight loss program I’ve ever been on… and believe me I’ve tried them all.
                           ~Jennifer G., Client

“Most diets today focus on speeding you up and starving you. This is a dangerous combination.” said Micheri. “More often than not, you will lose weight (pounds) at the sacrifice of your lean body tissue (muscles) and water with minimal fat loss. Once you stop eating and drinking their products and begin to eat normal foods, those muscle tissues will rebuild themselves, therefore gain weight back.”

This is where the Amazing New Me program is set apart from other diets,” Micheri said. “Our program reverses everything. We focus on reduction of fat inches and education to help you to keep it off. This program puts the patients’ bodies in what we call a state of release. The body will naturally release and metabolize about 2,000 calories of abnormal fats daily. This is key, as the body bypasses the lean body tissue – what normally is lost by other diet methods. Our patients’ bodies, instead, target the adipose fats (fat layer below the skin) for calories and nourishment. As these fats are reduced it is noticeable more quickly. Your clothes will tell you everything

Amazing New Me offers supplement based programs. There are no packaged foods to buy, no surgeries, nor exercise required. “We have learned that most clients here in San Diego already eat [pullquote_left]When I first saw the ad for Amazing New Me I thought that sounds nice but it can’t really be true.  Well let me tell you it is true!  I have lost 35 pounds and more importantly the inches are falling off.  I have gone from a ‘tight’ size 14 to a size 8.  At 54 years old I had pretty much given up on ever getting my old figure back.  Well, not anymore! I couldn’t be happier!
~Janice P., Client
[/pullquote_left]more healthy, which makes the program easier as they can continue eating the same foods but now in smaller portions and more often during the day”, says Rick Micheri. The programs are all inclusive, the fee provides for all the supplements required, office visits and consultations. There are three supplements taken during the program. First is the proprietary All-Natural Oral Spray, which is taken twice daily (morning and night). Patients keep the product by their bed, applying three sprays under the tongue when they awaken and when they go to bed. The second supplement is a sublingual B-12 complex taken once daily. Third is a once-daily supplement capsule taken with breakfast or lunch, which assists in appetite control (many patients often stop this supplement as they progress in the program and appetite control no longer is an issue).

Amazing New Me offers three programs: 40-day, 75-day and 150-day programs. Each program consists of 28-32 day weight loss cycles followed by 10-14 days of maintenance between each cycle. The maintenance period allows the body to recalibrate between weight loss cycles. During this period the client focuses on maintaining weight, not worrying about loss or gain. It gives them a real world opportunity to put what they have learned into practice for a short period of time without assistance of supplements.

“We are proud of our clients successes and look forward to helping many more in the years to come as we continue our growth. Give us a call, the consultation is free,” explains Micheri (see ad in this magazine on page 57 for current promotion).