As we age, it can be frustrating to forget where you placed your eye glasses or what was on your grocery list that you left in the car, but imagine the difficulty many senior-aged veterans have trying to obtain benefits while navigating the maze that is also called “the VA.”

The saving grace for many veterans, their surviving spouses, and their families is Veteran’s Friend, a community service co-founded by Robert Dhillon and Kate Seelye. “Our call-to-duty and pledge is to help veteran families navigate the VA process correctly, protect themselves, and obtain this tax-free lifetime benefit by providing free assistance in the preparation and presentation of their claim before the VA,” explained Robert.

“Like any other large government department, the VA is complex and bureaucratic. Its rules, regulations, forms and procedures can be very confusing and daunting at times, especially for seniors,” said Robert. Veteran’s Friend will listen first, then provide simple, honest answers to folks who are worried about the rising cost of long term care that is often needed by seniors.

Robert and Kate are uniquely qualified to help veterans deal with the issues they face in obtaining these VA benefits. Robert, now a VA accredited claims representative, served in the US Navy and Department of Defense, and graduated from London University with a degree in Education. Later, he spent 25 years consulting for the armed forces and large international banks. Kate, now in Senior Precision Support, has lived in the San Diego area for over 50 years and has worked in the financial services industry for over 20, while also running a small alternative holistic health practice. “We understand how stressful it can be for families of veterans, often in crisis or planning for long term care for aging parents. We provide precision answers, support, legal representation and guidance through the VA’s eligibility and application maze,” said Robert.

Besides helping with their benefits, Veteran’s Friend also works to warn and guard senior veterans and widows against elder abuse practices of unscrupulous financial services companies that prey on this group of citizens. They host local events and breakfasts to bring young service men and women and older veterans together to provide education in estate and retirement planning, college education planning and long term care. If you or someone you know may need their help, give Robert or Kate a call or visit the Veteran’s Friend website.