Amazinlee” Passionate: Amy ‘Amazinlee’ Citron is an actress and model who has lived here in Carmel Valley for the past three years. Her paswsion and love for acting started when she was a little girl and her mother would record her short skits on a home camera. Her hunger for the spotlight has only grown and flourished since she received her first film role as an extra in the VH1 movie Played. Her resume has grown from there to include parts from film, television, and theatre, to print ads and music video. If she had her choice of a genre of film in which to act, it would be Action – from Mr.and Mrs. Smith to The X-men.

“Amazinlee” Dedicated: Amy is serious about her craft as an actress. “Acting is my baby,” she asserted. Amy attended Grossmont and Mesa Community colleges here in San Diego, where she studied Theatre, Mime, Dance, and Acting for Film and Television. She has worked for San Diego’s Stu Segal Studios, with background appearances in many shows and a permanent extra role in Veronica Mars. Recently she was in a Doritos commercial and played a role in an independent film. Currently she is working on two locally produced shows for San Diego’s Public Access Channel. Her typical day is stressful but thrilling. “You have to work ten times harder to get yourself out there, “Amy said.


“Amazinlee” Independent: Amy’s parents moved to the United States from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and she was born in the Bronx, New York, but moved to San Diego when she was two. A few years ago, Amy’s best friend brought her to Carmel Valley as a roommate, and despite the challenges of more limited film and television opportunities here, she’s “been in love with the community ever since.” She loves the Torrey Pines State Beach and shopping at the Del Mar Town Center.

“Amazinlee” Grateful: Amy’s mother was a resilient, independent woman Amy always looked at as “Superwoman.” Although her father was an important figure in her life, her mother raised four girls alone (in a house with only one bathroom), and is a reason Amy shared, “I am a strong, independent woman with a passion and goal in life. I will not give up until I achieve it.”

Amy, 92130 is “Amazinlee” lucky to have you in their community!