by JENNIFER FRAKES | photo by Michael Bielecki

About twelve years ago, Peter Pozzuoli and Mike Summers worked together at a mortgage company. Shortly after, Mike joined Peter as Peter started his own company providing income verification and fraud prevention services to mortgage companies and banks nationwide. After a decade of working closely with mortgage production and underwriting departments to assist those clients in perfecting their loan process, Peter and Mike started to notice that many of the clients did not transition well when the market changed from a “refi market” to a “purchase market.” “The main issue seemed to stem from the lack of communication between all parties involved during a typical home purchase transaction,” said Peter. Their findings ultimately led them to their decision to start Loanspring Financial.

“Loanspring is locally owned and doesn’t treat their customers like a  ‘number’ like many mega large banks do.” ~ Mike Summers, Vice President, Loanspring Financial

Loanspring Financial officially began as an operating business in April 2011, and its mission remains the same: to provide home loans to clients while providing them with the lowest possible interest rates and closing costs. “Being a direct lender means that we have the flexibility to provide the lowest rates and pricing available on the market,” said Peter. “We are constantly monitoring the market to ensure that our rates and costs are extremely competitive. Through the help of the latest technology, we have developed a highly efficient processing system that allows us to offer highly competitive rates.”

The team at Loanspring Financial maintains a strong focus on quality customer care – providing their customers with individualized attention and open communication during the lending process. “Loanspring is locally owned and doesn’t treat their customers as a ‘number’ like many mega banks do,” declared Mike. “It is very easy to be ‘lost in the shuffle’ with the largest banks in the country. At Loanspring, you will always be able to speak to a ‘live person’ throughout the loan process.”

Loanspring primarily offers home purchase and refinance loans, but also offers the Treasury Department’s Home Affordable Refinance Program, or “HARP” 2.0, which is designed to help homeowners who are “upside down” on their mortgage. “Many homeowners are unable to get traditional refinancing because of the value of their home,” explained Peter. “This Program allows the homeowner to participate in today’s much lower interest rates.”

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