by WYNNE LOVE | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

With four children and seven grandchildren, Cynthia and Michael Keefe have a rich family life. “Grandpa and Cyn Cyn,” as their grandchildren call them, have lived in Torrey Del Mar since 2002. They met in 1992 at a trade association meeting while they both worked as sales reps in the gift industry. Now, Michael is Director of Transportation for Classic Dental Studio and Cynthia is a sales agent for William Lyon Homes.

Michael’s four children and their families are just part of the extended family Michael and Cynthia have in Torrey Del Mar. Chris Keefe, Michael’s eldest, is a Senior Art Director for Allergan and created the logo at the Long Beach Aquarium. He is married to Tina and has two children, Jack and Sophia. Jennifer, Michael’s second child, is a hair stylist and has two sons, Parker and Cooper, with her husband, James Buccheri, a former Olympian and Oakland Athletics baseball player.

Michael’s two youngest, Kevin and Colleen Keefe, are both accomplished teachers. Kevin and his wife Amy have three daughters, Katelin, Ryann, and Ella, and Colleen is engaged to Mark Southern, whose daughter, Emma, will soon become the eighth grandchild for the Keefes. “All the adult children are great friends,” said Cynthia, “and their spouses have blended in with the family.”

But the Keefes’ role as grandparents doesn’t stop there. “Most of our neighbors are our children’s ages with young children themselves,” explained Michael. So the Keefe’s host holiday parties and potlucks with a group of about eight families in the neighborhood. “The neighborhood kids love it!” said Michael.

The Keefe’s are always finding new ways to surprise and delight the kids. They plan an elaborate Easter egg hunt each year and host all of the grandkids for a special kids’ night on Valentine’s Day. Since they both worked for Ty, Inc., they have a stash of Beanie Babies and give a new one to each grandchild every time they spend the night. Perhaps the most fun of all, they have a mural of a vineyard in Italy in their living room with the grandchildren’s names incorporated into the painting. “After each grandchild is born, an artist friend of ours comes over to add a name,” explained Cynthia.

Watch for the Keefes at local sports games, reading at the neighborhood park or running a lemonade stand with the grandkids this summer.