by MICHELLE TREMBLAY | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

If you are looking for a gym with fewer crowds, customized workout routines, and a personal, friendly staff, The Training Club could be just the place for you.

Owner, Joe Gold prides himself in the gym’s personalized approach. “Our staff is trained to know all our members by name and be involved in their fitness program,” said Joe. “Even our members participate in helping each other and treat the club as an extension of their home.”

“We believe that fitness is an experience; it is a way of life rather than a finite destination,” explained Joe. “You should enjoy your journey into fitness regardless of where in that journey you happen to be.”

Staying true to that mantra, Joe and his staff strive to maintain a pleasant workout environment for the members. Memberships are capped to limit the crowds, and the trainers are encouraged to individualize routines. “All our trainers are among the best in their field,” mentioned Joe. “We take a personal interest in every member’s fitness goals and can recommend the right classes and training approach for each one.”

Best known for its Spin, Yoga, and Gravity classes, The Training Club offers something for everyone. In addition to its group classes, the gym provides personal training sessions and a variety of workout equipment, making it simple to customize your own routine. There is even an on-site aesthetician and physical therapy clinic.

Unique from others in its industry, The Training Club offers a “pay-as-you-go” option, with flexible workout packages. “Our commitment is to your fitness not to your wallet,” said Joe. “Many other clubs require members to sign up for long periods of time even if they are not happy with their workout environment. We do not require contracts; people can pay per class or enroll in one of our unlimited programs.”

Joe explains that giving back to the community is a large part of the success of the business. “We always participate in local charity fundraisers,” prided Joe. “Our favorite program is Fit for School, where members can direct a portion of their monthly dues to support a local school.”

The Training Club will be holding an open house on June 16, where interested parties can enjoy refreshments and enter into a contest to win a one-year membership.