by KATHY LOY | photos by Zeena Gregg Photography

Whenever a family with children has to relocate, one of the first questions they ask is “what about the schools?” When the Heaton family moved here from Indiana, their choice of neighborhoods was easy. “We settled down in Carmel Valley for the same reason that most families do – a top notch school system. Solana Beach School District provided us with a great support system with schools and teachers who provide the most optimal learning environment for our children.”

The Heaton children, Isabel (10) and Jake (8) are thriving at Carmel Creek Elementary School. Both children were born with sensorineural hearing loss – they are profoundly deaf. “At birth, they could not hear anything. They received cochlear implant surgery at about one year old. With this advanced technology and intensive therapy, they have been able to meet all developmental milestones and more.”

As physicians and parents, Jason and Kobbie Heaton are uniquely trained to help their children thrive, but they heavily credit Carmel Creek Elementary with providing an exceptionally rich environment for education. “Despite all the cutbacks that we hear about with the nation’s school system, it seems like we never feel the effect here at Carmel Creek. The principal, teachers, and support staff not only provide an excellent education but also promote healthy living styles for our children such as the Cougars in Motions program, fun runs, and running club. The after school enrichment programs offer a variety of classes to enhance our children’s curiosity and interests. Other programs that have been phenomenal were the CCN Broadcast and Speech Masters Program.“

The Heaton’s met the first day of medical school at Indiana University. Currently, they are both OB/GYN physicians at Naval Medical Center San Diego – Jason as an active duty member of the U.S. Navy and Kobbie as a civilian government employee. Although they have moved several times, they hope to stay in San Diego permanently. “Carmel Valley has been a wonderful community to raise a family. We have it all here… the sun, sand, endless opportunities, and great friends!”