Dear Torrey Pines Pop Warner,

First of all, I would like to thank all of you for all of the time that you spend with our young people.

Coaches: you have chosen to be a big part of these children’s lives. Teach them how to run, block, throw, and tackle. Teach them the game of football, but above all else, teach them to value teamwork, cooperation, and fair play. Teach them how to win with class and that losing is not the definition of failure: failure, in my mind, is not preparing oneself to his highest level…in the classroom, on the practice field, and during the game. If you win without this effort, the victory is not as meaningful, but if you win or lose putting forth these principles, it is possible to grow as a person. The effort that your boys put forth in Torrey Pines Pop Warner is winning attribute and will carryover in their life.

Parents: This game is for your children. Support them and love them. Help them learn life lessons through the great game of football. Help them learn the definitions of commitment, dedication, sacrifice, and TEAM. Every child on the team can make a huge contribution to the TEAM. Value all the members and support your children.

It is our belief that Torrey Pines Pop Warner does a tremendous job in allowing these lessons to be learned. We appreciate and respect the success of the Torrey Pines Pop Warner Program. The program fosters good sportsmanship and strong community spirit. We look forward to a continued positive relationship between Torrey Pines Football and Torrey Pines Pop Warner.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday nights. GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!



Scott Ashby

Head Football Coach

Torrey Pines High School