by JENNIFER FRAKES | Photo by Zeena Gregg Photography

According to Wayne Hamrick, it is the mission of Simple Solutions College Funding to advise parents of college-bound high school students on all phases of college financial planning. “We teach parents how to pay for college on a cost efficient basis by showing them how to make college affordable in a failing economy without relying on Wall Street or expensive private student loans. We also show parents how to set up their personal finances to best position their family,” says Hamrick.

The inspiration for Simple Solutions College Funding came to Hamrick in 1974 after the birth of the first of his five children. With a career in finance and estate planning, Hamrick already had experience in helping people plan for their financial future. It was when his first child was born that he started thinking about how to pay for future expenses – including college – while at the same time saving money for retirement. According to Hamrick, a great majority of people are unable to retire in comfort because they have spent most of their assets getting their children through college with a heavy debt burden. “A properly designed college funding plan can save families tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars,” says Hamrick.

In addition to guiding parents through the financial aspect of sending children to college, Simple Solutions College Funding also offers services relating to the admissions process. According to Hamrick, these services include college application reviews, SAT and ACT prep courses and admission essay critiquing. Simple Solutions College Funding has also put together a team of student counselors that are positioned all over the country. “These counselors can provide students with an ‘insider’s’ perspective of any particular school. They can answer questions about the campus atmosphere, tips for visiting the school or even about major corporations in the area that provide internships,” says Hamrick.

Simple Solutions College Funding also provides free workshops in local high schools and community centers for parents of college-bound high school students. According to Hamrick, these workshops, which will begin in March, offer invaluable money-saving strategies. “We really do care about the plight of parents and students facing the daunting task of getting into the right schools, graduating in four years – rather than five or six – and being able to finance the whole process without hardship and without mortgaging the future of the parents and the students,” says Hamrick.