When you’re looking for neighborhood news, Marcella Lee is often the one you see delivering it. But on this occasion, 92130 Magazine got the scoop on how she and her family came to Carmel Valley and why they love living here.

“We couldn’t be happier with our community,” shared Marcella. “We have a great little canyon in our backyard which has a nice trail where we can walk our dog and get some exercise. We also have a neighborhood park just a few blocks away where we continue to enjoy quality family time.”

Marcella and her husband, Tony, moved to Torrey Del Mar from the Detroit area in 2004. They had never expected to leave their Michigan home, but with an offer for Marcella to join the KFMB team – and help from some college friends already loving 92130 – they took the plunge. “We bought our house sight unseen!” exclaimed Marcella. “Kind of crazy, but we have never regretted it.”

Now they have a full family life. With six-year-old twins and unconventional work schedules, they perform the juggling act as well as anyone. Tony, a former engineer for Ford Motor Company, now works as an investment manager and as a tutor for students in upper level math and science.

Marcella works as a weekend anchor and reporter for KFMB-TV, CBS 8, where she has earned multiple Emmy Awards for her broadcasting work. In 2011, she was recognized by Congress for her work on Adopt 8 – a weekly feature on which she helps local foster children find permanent homes.

They know the joy children can bring to a family. Their twins were born prematurely and weighed less than 4 pounds each when they were sent home. “The infant carriers said ‘5 pounds minimum.’ We were so incredibly nervous driving home with our precious cargo,” remembered Marcella.

Marcella and Tony volunteer at Willow Grove Elementary in Kaze and Kyla’s classroom a few times a week. “We feel lucky that our non-traditional work hours allow us to be involved at their school during the day,” said Marcella, and they are thrilled with the education their children are receiving. “We are amazed by the growth of their independence and self-confidence, and our decision to move here so many years ago has been validated one-hundred fold!”