By: Kathy Loy | Photos by:Zeena Gregg Photography

When we all give a little, it adds up to a lot” is a quote that both resonates with and describes Julie Union. Although, after learning about all the school, club, church and organizations to which she donates her time and energy, one can hardly say what Union does is “a little.”

With school budgets being reduced and programs being downsized or eliminated, organizations depend on parent volunteers to speak on behalf of children and families and to keep athletic programs running smoothly. For the second year, Union is the PTA President at Carmel Creek School and was a team mom for many years for the Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams at Canyon Crest Academy. “At Carmel Creek, we have added ways for families and students to connect more. We started a summer beach day, moved our International Potluck to the beginning of the school year, added grade socials, and a reunion for high school graduates.”

In an amazing demonstration of dedication and stamina, Union has been a Girl Scout leader for 15 years and still runs two troops for 4th and 11th grade girls. She has most enjoyed “watching these girls look forward to community service. [Seeing them become] more self-confident and empowered to make a difference is deeply rewarding.”

After breast cancer touched her extended family, Union got involved with the Susan G. Komen 3-day event – once as a “walker” and twice as a crew member. As in years past, Union and her team members will hold fundraisers during the summer so they can each raise the required $2,300 to participate in the event. However, this year Union’s sixteen-year-old daughter will be joining her on the 3-day adventure.

Union has lived in Carmel Valley for 15 years. “We originally moved to Carmel Valley for the same reason as many others…for the top rated schools. Being close to the ocean, having Torrey Pines to hike, an involved community, and our close-knit neighborhood are all icing on the cake.” She says one of her favorite things to do is hike Torrey Pines with a friend – calling it the “perfect trifecta – exercise, nature and friendship.”

“One of the best side effects of volunteering is meeting other parents that share your passion and love for children. I have met incredible people who have enriched my life and I am truly grateful for that.”

We originally moved to Carmel Valley for the same reason as many others…for the top rated schools.  Everything else is icing on the cake.”
~ Julie Union